Provide an outsourced solution for implementing innovative solutions on time and on budget. This includes generalist support, international projects, training and development initiatives, and recruiting.

Generalist Support

  • Develop and guide implementation of performance evaluation systems.
  • Conduct and analyze Employee Climate Surveys.
  • Prepare overview of Compensation Structure/Philosophy or Benefit Programs for employee communication.


  • Identify and initiate programs in support of Project Teams, providing specific business and cultural awareness programs that may include Business Briefings, Multi-Cultural Team Development, Language Instruction, and U.S. Training for Inpats.
  • Conduct Cultural Needs Analysis for newly created business regions.
  • Advise organizations on how to best manage the needs of foreign visitors.

Training & Human Resource Development

  • Customize and develop company-specific training programs to align with organizational objectives.
  • Develop Training Plan targeting the skills identified for the company’s success.
  • Organize outplacement training for employees in divisions that are closed or impacted by reorganizations or reductions-in-force.


  • Implement recruiting and training plans for start-up or existing operations.
  • Staff new facilities—both domestic and international—and set up Human Resources function.
  • Propose strategies to ensure retention of top performers.