HR RecruitingRapidly identify and recruit hard-to-find talent that matches the needs and culture of the organization.


  • Create and implement plans to recruit large volumes of quality staff in short periods of time.
  • Source and place hard-to-fill positions at all organizational levels including senior executives, technical specialists, management, salaried, and hourly personnel.
  • Staff for increases in employee base due to growth or changing business conditions, including start-up operations.


  • Coordinate recruiting processes focused on selecting candidates that meet employment standards as well as satisfy company goals.
  • Assess ways to reduce turnover.
  • Conduct exit interviews.
  • Facilitate use of assessment instruments to provide additional information in the selection process.
  • Hire high quality employees and create programs that measure both retention and performance.

Business Strategy

  • Reduce outside recruiting fees.
  • Analyze recruiting strategy development.
  • Resolve resource shortages in support of operation demands.
  • Set-up College Recruiting Programs.

International Placements

  • Develop country-specific questionnaires that incorporate cultural considerations for International Staffing.
  • Staff new facilities—both international and domestic.