People Development process, business conceptDesign and/or deliver development plans and programs that integrate with your business plans. This includes needs assessment, program design, training delivery, and measurement/results analyses.

Needs Assessment

  • Conduct Training Needs Analysis to determine critical training and development skills important for an organization’s success.
  • Create a “Human Resources Development Guide” to address skills identified from this analysis.
  • Create Executive Development Plans.

Program Design

  • Customize existing or develop new courses targeted to meet your specific business challenges.
  • Create programs for specialized needs anticipated from workforce restructurings, growth/downsizing, acquisitions, mergers, centralization/decentralization.
  • Create Individual Development Plans to resolve issues, address skills gaps in the organization, or facilitate growth of specific employee groups (new, high potential, executive, or other).

Program Delivery & Facilitation

  • Conduct Kleiman Consulting, client developed, or 3rd party developed training.
  • Coordinate and facilitate off-site meetings.
  • Facilitate the implementation of 360 degree questionnaires and other assessment tools, and provide follow-up feedback.


  • Benchmarks and Skillscope Feedback Instruments (Center For Creative Leadership)
  • Interaction Management (Development Dimensions International, Inc.)
  • 7-Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey Leadership Center)
  • DiSC (Inscape Publishing)


Coaching Safe Behavior
(Office, Shop, Laboratory)
The Effective Manager Performance Management
Communication Skills Giving & Receiving Feedback Presentation Skills
Corrective Counseling Interviewing Skills Relationship Management
Creating & Sustaining A Collaborative Culture Leadership Supervisory Skills
Customer Satisfaction Managing In Chaos Teambuilding
EEO Seminars Mentoring Time Management