Kleiman Consulting has experience with providing a broad range of services—customized to the needs of each client.


HR Generalist Support

Provide quality counsel and services on a wide range of core HR activities. This includes staffing, employee relations, legal compliance/EEO/safety, compensation and benefits, and support of startup/acquired/merged/JV operations.

Sample projects

Performed Focus Group Assessments with key employees to collect opinions on existing issues, job environment, and training needs/priorities to improve satisfaction and effectiveness of their functions.
Advised on developing a strategy to position client as employer of choice, support the company’s diversity initiatives, and establish criteria for leading/measuring resource planning.

International HR Initiatives

Build global perspective by expanding employees’ knowledge, insights and skills. This includes cross cultural development, supporting expats and foreign nationals, executive development and technology transfer.

Sample projects

Developed and led specific business and cultural awareness programs for China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Angola, Nigeria, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Israel, Qatar, Dubai, Canada, Australia, Mexico, the U.S., and others.
Developed a business & cultural awareness plan for a growing global company with regional offices in Asia/Pacific, South America, Europe, Africa, and Mid-East.

Leadership & Organizational Development

Identify and analyze processes to achieve organizational performance improvement. This includes business strategies, needs assessments, executive coaching, customized training program design and delivery, international and intercultural development and succession planning.

Sample projects

Designed and facilitated a Global Leadership Development Program aligning 1200 managers to clarify their role in driving the organization’s mission and strategy.
Facilitated Leadership Off-Site focused on Change Management to 1) define “survival”, 2) formalize the way they work—roles & responsibilities, processes, communication, behaviors, and 3) how to more proactively and positively manage their challenging customers.
Facilitated workshops for a 220 person employee operation to address communication challenges.
Coached executives regarding leadership in new, expanded roles, employee engagement, teambuilding, communication style, and organizational effectiveness.

Project Management & Evaluation

Provide an outsourced solution for implementing innovative solutions on time and on budget. This includes generalist support, international projects, training and development initiatives, and recruiting.

Sample projects

Designed and delivered a quarterly Safety Coaching program for 1000 executives and managers in support of the organization’s mission to establish, maintain and enhance workplace safety.
Facilitated the implementation of 360 degree questionnaires and other assessment tools and provided follow-up feedback, including participation in a management-wide Upward Appraisal process.


Rapidly identify and recruit hard to find talent best aligned with organizational needs and culture.

Sample projects

Served as key member of a recruiting and selection panel for an elite Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health.
Sourced and recruited for hard-to-fill positions at all organizational levels, including senior executives, technical specialists, management, salaried and hourly personnel.

Training & Human Resource Development

Design and/or deliver development plans and programs that are tied to your specific business challenges. This includes needs assessment, program design, training delivery, and measurement/results analyses.

Sample projects

Developed and implemented a Training Needs Analysis program that identified and addressed skills gaps in the organization.
Developed and delivered a professional development series for new hires as part of the organization’s on-boarding program at four international training centers: U.S., Mexico, Belgium, and Malaysia.
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