Leadership & Organizational Development

Identify and analyze organization alternatives for achieving performance improvement. This includes business strategy, needs assessment, executive coaching, training program design and delivery, international and intercultural development and succession planning.

Business Strategy

Analyze outsourcing and divestiture of functions as alternatives of cost containment programs.
Improve hiring/placement decisions by helping to creatively resolve resource shortages in support of operation demands.

Needs Assessment

Conduct departmental assessments and analyze organizational structure, roles & responsibilities, workplace efficiencies, or team interactions—and advise on areas for improvement.
Conduct and analyze employee climate satisfaction, or other surveys.

Training Program Design & Delivery

Create programs to support growth/downsizing, mergers/acquisitions, or other workforce restructurings.
Facilitate the implementation of 360 degree questionnaires and other assessment tools, and provide follow-up feedback.
Coordinate and facilitate off-site leadership meetings.

International & Intercultural Development

Provide specific business and cultural awareness programs for China, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Angola, Nigeria, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Australia, Israel, Canada, Mexico, the U.S., and others.
Design and manage start-up of Executive Development Programs.
Develop and manage English Immersion training programs.
Develop audits to be used to strengthen expats’ abilities to analyze and problem-solve within the cultural context of a given country.

Succession Planning

Design a succession planning program.
Roll-out the program to staff and facilitate discussions for their career development.
Create and integrate Individual Development Plans that correspond to identified needs.

Executive Coaching

Foster opportunity for individual reflection, candid discussion on current issues, experiences, group culture, & concerns.
Advise business partners on strengthening organizational effectiveness, expanding business, employee engagement, addressing conflict, implementing human resources initiatives, delegation, leading/measuring resource planning, and setting boundaries for customers and for themselves (managing demands).
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