Training & Human Resource Development

Design and/or deliver development plans and programs that integrate with your business plans. This includes needs assessment, program design, training delivery, and measurement/results analyses.

Needs Assessment

Conduct Training Needs Analysis to determine critical training and development skills important for an organization’s success.
Create a “Human Resources Development Guide” to address skills identified from this analysis.
Create Executive Development Plans.

Program Design

Customize existing or develop new courses targeted to meet your specific business challenges.
Create programs for specialized needs anticipated from workforce restructurings, growth/downsizing, acquisitions, mergers, centralization/decentralization.
Create Individual Development Plans to resolve issues, address skills gaps in the organization, or facilitate growth of specific employee groups (new, high potential, executive, or other).

Program Delivery & Facilitation

Conduct Kleiman Consulting, client developed, or 3rd party developed training.
Coordinate and facilitate off-site meetings.
Facilitate the implementation of 360 degree questionnaires and other assessment tools, and provide follow-up feedback.


Benchmarks and Skillscope Feedback Instruments (Center For Creative Leadership)
Interaction Management (Development Dimensions International, Inc.)
7-Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey Leadership Center)
DiSC (Inscape Publishing)

Additional In-House Courses

Tailored To Your Company

Coaching Safe Behavior
(Office, Shop, Laboratory)
Communication SkillsManaging In Chaos
Corrective CounselingMentoring
Creating & Sustaining A Collaborative CulturePerformance Management
Customer SatisfactionPresentation Skills
EEO SeminarsRelationship Management
The Effective ManagerSupervisory Skills
Giving & Receiving FeedbackTeam Building
Interviewing SkillsTime Management
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