HR Generalist Support

Provide quality counsel and services on a wide range of core HR activities. This includes staffing, employee relations, legal compliance/EEO/safety, compensation and benefits, and support of startup/acquired/merged/JV operations.

HR SUpport


Source, recruit, hire, and on-board positions at all organizational levels including senior executives, technical specialists, management, salaried, and hourly personnel.
Forecast staffing plans and develop creative advertising strategies.
Create programs that measure both performance and retention, as well as other HR metrics.

Employee Relations

Provide guidance on enhancement of employee environment as well as company culture.
Conduct employee/department/organization interviews and/or focus groups to collect opinions on existing issues, job environment, or training needs/priorities.
Develop employee communications, including videos.
Provide coaching and training to staff as needed.

Legal Compliance/EEO/Safety

Provide guidance regarding Federal and State regulations.
Conduct thorough, professional investigations of discrimination and harassment allegations.
Advise how to reduce work-related injuries by developing reporting, training and incentive programs.
Offer corrective counseling coaching that encourages the employee to improve behavior, while minimizing liability to the company.

Compensation & Benefits

Consolidate multiple-tiered grade structures.
Compare client compensation and company pay-for-performance practices.
Roll-out Wage & Benefit Plans in English (or other languages).

Start-up Operations

Develop and implement staffing or training plans for start-up operations.
Establish the Human Resource function for a new organization—including staffing, training, and employee relations activities.
Provide advice and counsel for new facilities—domestic and international.
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